the picky toddler ~ take 1

Choosing battles. You can’t win them all and I’ve learned to battle the important stuff. So when she refuses to eat vegetables, I choose to fight! Even if it means sneaking or hiding the vegetables in her food. She knows the word ‘no’ and in many cases decides things for herself, but her diet or why she should eat veggies is a decision I just don’t think she’s old enough to make. So, I hide some veggies while serving others on the side. Last night she ate broccoli, for example but I also put some in her yogurt. Will she thank me later? Hopefully..actually I am sure she will. I mean we’re talking about hiding vegetables (which is fibbing) but that is also the same thing we do with Christmas presents or the Easter basket that suddenly appeared Easter morning. So, with that said, I don’t have a problem hiding an extra serving or bit of veggies here and there.

I think she was a bit leery of the bits of kale in her blueberry yogurt the other day (ha ha) so I’ve decided on another method. Adding in baby food. She is well past eating puree (even though she does eat it on occasion) but I find myself still buying baby food puree regularly. Why? It’s a lot easier to work with. I don’t have to cook and puree a sweet potato before I add it into pancakes or yogurt (or whatever). Instead, I just open the jar.

My favorite way to combine veggies into yogurt is to play on the flavors already inside the containers. Yo Baby is my favorite. It’s cheap and organic.The following flavor combos are our favorites. Or review photo in post.

Blueberry: add in blueberry puree (frozen blueberries too) and pea puree. The purple color hides a lot:)

Peach and Squash (the middle photo): I add in squash puree. I really love the Earth Best brand-I’m not paid by any of these companies btw.

Apple and Sweet Potato: I opt for squash or sweet potato.

Sadly, a yogurt container is only so big (and Baby D. is all about the yogurt container and the baby picture) so I have a tip for that too… scoop out some of the yogurt and add it to an ice cube tray (I prefer silicone) and freeze to add into banana soft serve or a smoothie later. Or try this idea… freezing bits of yogurt for a frozen snack. You can even mix the yogurt and puree in a bowl before you put it back into the container and freeze the veggie yogurt combo for the above ideas too.

These ideas are simple. Maybe very simple but they work for us and sometimes the simple stuff is the stuff we don’t think about.

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